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Hoklartherm RIGA IVS 7.6 x 14-Foot Greenhouse Kit

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Additional Features8 MM UV-coated twin wall polycarbonate over main bodyFront and back 10 MM UV-coated twin wall polycarbonate10 MM polycarbonate provides extra strengthIncludes a base 14 inch depth single top shelf and a 25 inch depth regular shelfTop shelf hangs forward so it doesn't block the lightShelving is suspended to provide maximum storageBoth shelf inserts use twin polycarbonateTwin polycarbonate allows for better light distributionInserts are removable to make room for taller plantsDutch barn door measures 30W x 72H inchesPeak height measures 6.9H feetMeasures 7.6W x 14L x 6.9H feetHave fresh vegetables lush green plants and bright flowers available to you all year round with the RIGA IVS 7.6 x 14-Foot Greenhouse Kit. The strongest greenhouse in its class its profiles are permanently attached so they won't come loose over time due to the wind. The greenhouse also features 8 MM UV-coated twin wall polycarbonate over the entire body and 10 MM UV-coated twin wall polycarbonate on the front and back for extra protection.This convenient greenhouse kit includes a top shelf and a regular single shelf that also have polycarbonate glaze for better light distribution. The top shelf hangs forward making it easier to reach and also keeping it from blocking sunlight. Both shelves have inserts that are removable making space for larger plants. The shelving is suspended so you don't lose storage space underneath. The doors and windows are designed to all for proper ventilation and the Dutch barn doors have a key lock. Assembly is a weekend project for one or two people.About HoklarthermAfter erecting his first greenhouse the """"thermo semicular arch greenhouse"""" in his family garden in 1978 Mr. Werner Hollander graduate engineer founded Hoklartherm in 1982. Mr. Hollander's social circle was very interested in his greenhouse and more models followed quickly after. Today Hoklartherm is the biggest manufacturer of high-quality greenhouses made in Germany. Hoklartherm is in

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Greenhouses Grow More Popular among Homeowners.

Byline: Marty Hair Feb. 29--For winter-weary Northerners who long for sun and green leaves, weathering the final weeks of winter is a slow and tedious process -- like slogging through knee-high mud. The weather makes it easy to envy people with greenhouses, who already are basking in warm, moist ... (Publication: Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI))

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Greenhouses Can Provide a Hotbed of Pleasure for Winter Gardeners

It has been bone-chilling cold in the Northern Hemisphere, and many plants would never survive without our assistance. The methods we use are varied, from plant wraps and cold frames to sophisticated indoor and outdoor structures -- anything that can control temperature, light, moisture, soil and ... (Publication: The Washington Post)

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Terry Litsinger built a little patch of paradise right in his back yard in Stow, Ohio. His 14-by-18-foot greenhouse is his escape from the brutality of winter and the bustle of the world. It's always warm and always green, a place where he can immerse himself in the nurture of his plants. ... (Publication: The Buffalo News (Buffalo, NY))

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IN THE RECENT HOLLYWOOD REMAKE of The Time Machine, a film about a Victorian Englishman who travels to the future, the main character conducts his experiments in an 1890s greenhouse, which doubles as his laboratory. Most people probably won't notice the details of the structure, which is made to ... (Publication: The Boston Globe (Boston, MA))

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Greenhouses bring you in from the cold.

Byline: Denise Cowie PHILADELPHIA _ It's about this time of year, when container plants are still lush but ever-shorter days signal that killing frosts can't be too far off, that gardeners are apt to sigh and mutter, "I wish I had a greenhouse." If only we had a greenhouse, we figure, we could keep ... (Publication: The Philadelphia Inquirer (Philadelphia, PA))

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Nicknamed greenhouses because in them plants stay green year- round, glasshouses catapult the past into the future. Nowadays noticed by those buying plants at nurseries, traditional greenhouses whisper of recreational changes just ahead. Once sheltering a prosperous south-of-Boston agricultural ... (Publication: The Boston Globe (Boston, MA))

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Greenhouses Provide Proper Growing Conditions -- Every Day of the Year

Winter and cabin fever can turn a plant lover's thoughts to greenhouses. A greenhouse, hothouse or conservatory enables you to grow anything you want at any time of year. Grow vegetables, flowers, shrubs and trees, from seeds or cuttings, if you wish. Raise exotic flora from warmer zones or store ... (Publication: The Washington Post)

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Chapter 14 greenhouse structures.

ABSTRACT This chapter discusses the origins of greenhouse usage and the wide variety of purposes for which greenhouses are used today. Different basic greenhouse structures are used today; each structure has its own advantages and disadvantages. The structural components of a greenhouse have ... (Publication: Introduction to Horticultural Science)

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Greenhouses to Get Transplant during Milwaukee County's Zoo Interchange Project

A side project to the Zoo Interchange reconstruction will save Milwaukee County the effort and cost of demolishing greenhouses that are crumbling after years of neglect.The county has 10 greenhouses, built in the early 1960s, behind its offices on West Watertown Plank Road and near Wisconsin ... (Publication: Daily Reporter (Milwaukee, WI))

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The Greenhouse Offers Resources for Home Schooling Families

Byline: Lisa Bastian Warrenville Our family has been blessed by The Greenhouse in countless ways, but I'll describe just a few. When my now 15-year-old son, Cooper, was in first grade, my heart opened to the idea of home schooling. This is probably a miracle in and of itself, as I was looking ... (Publication: Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL))

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