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Solexx Gardeners Oasis 8 X 16 Foot Greenhouse at Gamweb.Daytona-Beach.FL.US

Solexx Gardeners Oasis 8 x 16 Foot Greenhouse

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Additional FeaturesMade to expand easily if you need more spaceFrame made from composite tubing steel fittings PVCFeatures 3.5mm twin-wall Solexx greenhouse panelsPanels are strong and shatter proofProtects your plants from harsh weather conditionsReduces your heating costsPanels diffuse the light throughout the greenhousePanels are designed to provide optimal plant growthPanels are flexible and can be bent around cornersDouble-walled insulated material helps holds in heat8-year warrantyPeak height measures 8-feetEnjoy a lush green environment in the middle of winter with the Solexx Gardeners Oasis 8 x 16-Foot Greenhouse. With its two double-tiered built-in bench frames two full-length hanging rods to overwinter your hanging plants and peak height of 8-feet you'll love all the extra space this greenhouse provides. Constructed from 3.5mm twin-wall Solexx greenhouse panels this greenhouse is strong and shatter proof and will protect your plants from harsh weather conditions. Solexx panels are designed to diffuse the light throughout your greenhouse providing an optimal growing environment for your plants. The large louvered air vent allows for proper air circulation while the double-walled insulated material helps to reduce your heating costs.About Adaptive Plastics Inc.Adaptive Plastics Inc. is the manufacturer of Solexx greenhouses and greenhouse covering. Their story began with an introduction to corrugated polyethylene plastic in 1986 after which they began manufacturing insulated twin-walled fruit harvesting totes for growers. After experimenting with the corrugated plastic as a hot house covering CEO's Mike and Bev Perry got the idea to use the panels to design a hobby greenhouse kit. University testing proved the flute in twin wall plastic diffuses the light and captures it from various angles accelerating the growth of plants. From there with their backgrounds in biology and plant science they set out to design a greenhouse that would be easy for all home gard

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U.S. greenhouse gas emissions fall 10 pct since 2005: EPA

U.S. greenhouse gas emissions fell nearly 10 percent from 2005 to 2012, more than halfway toward the United States' 2020 target pledged at United Nations climate talks, according to the latest national emissions inventory. The report showed that emissions dropped 3.4 percent from 2012 to 2011, mostly due to a decrease in energy consumption and fuel switching from coal to natural gas. The ...

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U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Fall 10% Since 2005

--

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U.S. greenhouse gas emissions dropped 3.4% in 2012

Greenhouse gas emissions in the United States dropped by 3.4% in 2012, federal environmental regulators reported Tuesday.

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U.S. greenhouse gas emissions down 10 percent since 2005

Aileen Graef WASHINGTON, April 16 (UPI) -- A recent report from the Environmental Protection Agency says that the U.S. has seen a 10 percent drop in greenhouse gas emissions since 2005.

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Burgin students to open greenhouse to the public

Burgin Independent School greenhouse students Brendan Freeland, 16, left, Drew Raisor, 16, Andy Baker, 16, and Makenzie Isaacs tend to their plants on Tuesday, April 15, 2014.

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Greenhouse sale at Jessamine Career and Technology Center opens April 28

Jessamine Career and Technology Center sopohomore Destinee Rice, left, and senior James Hall helped tend to plants in the JCTC greenhouse Friday. The school's annual greenhouse sale opens Monday, April 28.

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Greenhouse classroom

Santiam Christian ag students excited about new facility

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Business Watch: Greenhouse reopens with new format

Blackburn Nursery has almost finished the closing of its former retail store, and now operates out of its greenhouse.

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Etter’s Greenhouse: New owner ready with flowers, gardening tips

Stewart Etter, 28, of Witten Valley in Tazewell, Va., waters a flat of flowers in one of his seven greenhouses at Etter’s Greenhouse. He recently bought what was formerly the Buchanan Greenhouses.

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US Greenhouse Gas Emissions Slightly Decreased in 2012

Climate change is making the news for a number of reasons, including Showtime’s new series called "Years of Living Dangerously." The rise in greenhouse gas emissions is responsible for climate change, and the majority of scientists agree that most of the increase is caused by human activity. That said, there is a bit of good news when it comes to U.S. GHG emissions. The Los Angeles Times reports ...

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