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Solexx Gardeners Oasis 8 x 16 Foot Greenhouse

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Additional FeaturesMade to expand easily if you need more spaceFrame made from composite tubing steel fittings PVCFeatures 3.5mm twin-wall Solexx greenhouse panelsPanels are strong and shatter proofProtects your plants from harsh weather conditionsReduces your heating costsPanels diffuse the light throughout the greenhousePanels are designed to provide optimal plant growthPanels are flexible and can be bent around cornersDouble-walled insulated material helps holds in heat8-year warrantyPeak height measures 8-feetEnjoy a lush green environment in the middle of winter with the Solexx Gardeners Oasis 8 x 16-Foot Greenhouse. With its two double-tiered built-in bench frames two full-length hanging rods to overwinter your hanging plants and peak height of 8-feet you'll love all the extra space this greenhouse provides. Constructed from 3.5mm twin-wall Solexx greenhouse panels this greenhouse is strong and shatter proof and will protect your plants from harsh weather conditions. Solexx panels are designed to diffuse the light throughout your greenhouse providing an optimal growing environment for your plants. The large louvered air vent allows for proper air circulation while the double-walled insulated material helps to reduce your heating costs.About Adaptive Plastics Inc.Adaptive Plastics Inc. is the manufacturer of Solexx greenhouses and greenhouse covering. Their story began with an introduction to corrugated polyethylene plastic in 1986 after which they began manufacturing insulated twin-walled fruit harvesting totes for growers. After experimenting with the corrugated plastic as a hot house covering CEO's Mike and Bev Perry got the idea to use the panels to design a hobby greenhouse kit. University testing proved the flute in twin wall plastic diffuses the light and captures it from various angles accelerating the growth of plants. From there with their backgrounds in biology and plant science they set out to design a greenhouse that would be easy for all home gard

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Greenhouses Grow More Popular among Homeowners.

Byline: Marty Hair Feb. 29--For winter-weary Northerners who long for sun and green leaves, weathering the final weeks of winter is a slow and tedious process -- like slogging through knee-high mud. The weather makes it easy to envy people with greenhouses, who already are basking in warm, moist ... (Publication: Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI))

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Greenhouses bring you in from the cold.

Byline: Denise Cowie PHILADELPHIA _ It's about this time of year, when container plants are still lush but ever-shorter days signal that killing frosts can't be too far off, that gardeners are apt to sigh and mutter, "I wish I had a greenhouse." If only we had a greenhouse, we figure, we could keep ... (Publication: The Philadelphia Inquirer (Philadelphia, PA))

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Greenhouse effects A plant-filled space is a perfect winter retreat, but it takes hard work -- and hard cash

Long before jets whisked the winter-weary to Florida, ornate home greenhouses and solariums were the Victorian gardener's defense against winter, a place to read in good light and to smell warm green smells that had vanished from the outdoors. Though most greenhouses from that era are long gone, ... (Publication: The Boston Globe (Boston, MA))

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Greenhouse Effect; Structures Made to Nurture Plants Give Homeowners Happiness, too.(LIFE - HOME)

Byline: Jen Waters, THE WASHINGTON TIMES Jody Glazier of Northwest experiences springtime in the dead of winter. When snow is falling outside, she can watch it from the warmth of her greenhouse. In preparation for cold weather, Mrs. Glazier moved her plants from her back yard to the indoors when ... (Publication: The Washington Times (Washington, DC))

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Greenhouse Horticulture and Economic Transition

Between Vaasa and Kristinestad, in the Swedish-speaking areas of the South Ostrobothnia coast of Finland, the commune of Narpes is the center of the largest and most important area of greenhouse horticulture in Finland [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1 OMITTED]. The most significant in terms of volume and ... (Publication: The Geographical Review)

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Solar greenhouses: China's winning solution to global energy crisis.

BEIJING, CHINA-Solar greenhouses have played a vital role in China's agricultural scene for years. New innovations in greenhouse design are allowing growers to produce more varieties of vegetables, even during long winter months. In a recently published report Chinese scientists called solar ... (Publication: China Weekly News)

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Byline: Pamela Cotant For the State Journal For Patrick and Lloyd Eagan, their greenhouse is a place to garden and rejuvenate while feeling like they are outside in all kinds of weather. Perched on top of their garage, overlooking a secluded yard, flower gardens and the trees of a nature ... (Publication: The Wisconsin State Journal (Madison, WI))

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Greenhouse effect: ; Retreat provides an ideal sanctuary

MONTEREY, Calif. - There is no clock in Mona Eisenberg's greenhouse. Here in her "safe haven" high in the hills overlooking Monterey Bay, Eisenberg escapes the pressures of business while puttering among plants and listening to opera. "Three or four hours would go by," said Eisenberg, interior ... (Publication: The Charleston Gazette (Charleston, WV))

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Greenhouse celebrates five years of biotech

DAUPHIN COUNTY The offices of the Life Sciences Greenhouse of Central Pennsylvania don't have the chrome, sleek architecture and banks of computers typically associated with high-tech companies. But from this mundane space on Market Street in downtown Harrisburg, the greenhouse has planted the ... (Publication: Central Penn Business Journal)

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"Greenhouse and Forced Greenhouse Climate Control System and Method" in Patent Application Approval Process

By a News Reporter-Staff News Editor at Politics & Government Week -- A patent application by the inventor Houweling, Casey (DELTA, CA), filed on February 6, 2014, was made available online on June 12, 2014, according to news reporting originating from Washington, D.C., by VerticalNews ... (Publication: Politics & Government Week)

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